Integrated Science & Technology Courses

IST 163 - Programming Practicum
Concepts of software development and maintenance using C++, including syntax of the language, loops, functions, pointers, decision structures, and file processing. Proper program design using object- oriented programming techniques are emphasized.
3 hours
CJ 200 - Intro to Criminal Justice
This survey course examines the various components of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Students will be introduced to various criminal justice agencies and career possibilities.
3 hours
CJ 211 - Intro to Law Enforcement
Designed to examine the philosophical and historical background of law enforcement in the United States. Addresses constitutional limitations on law enforcement, objectives of law enforcement, and processes of law enforcement.
3 hours
CJ 231 - Intro to Corrections
A survey of the historical development of the systems of punishment and rehabilitation. Analysis of the reasons for incarceration of offenders.
3 hours
IST 264 - Technology Foundations
This course introduces the student to the common hardware and technology that pervades business and society as a whole. Topics include pc's, networks, software, the internet, cellular phones, etc.
3 hours
CJ 302 - CJ Research Methods
Logic of social research methods, survey research, methods of evaluation, sampling, and the contrast between qualitative and quantitative CJ research. (PR: CJ 200: Introduction to Criminal Justice)
3 hours
PLS 320 - Sports and Campus Rec Mgmt
This course will deal with the fields of recreational sports and campus recreation management. It will present the foundations of both fields, the development, implementation and trends in today's programs.
3 hours
CJ 325 - Juvenile Justice
A survey of the process--the police, the courts, and corrections--through which the juvenile delinquent passes.
3 hours
IST 365 - Database Management
To understand the logical and physical design of data stored and retrieved from a relational database. Exposure to distributed databases, database administration and structured query language will also be done.
3 hours
IST 430 - Electronic Commerce
This course examines electronic commerce. Group decision making and collaborative applications through the Internet. Develop applications that retrieve and store information in distributed databases.
3 hours
IST 448 - Forensic Image/Video Analysis
This course will introduce the students to the principals of digital imaging analysis and their applications to the practice of forensic image analysis. In addition, students will learn how to prepare court exhibits.
3 hours
IST 454 - Network Defense
An in-depth examination of the principles, strategies, and tools used to defend, detect, and respond to a variety of common network attacks.
4 hours
IST 457 - Network Penetration and Attack
Students will explore tools and techniques used to penetrate, exploit and ex filtrate data from computers and networks.
4 hours
CJ 490 - Internship
The placement of an individual into a criminal justice ageny (police, probation, courts, jails) to observe and par- ticipate in its operation. Grading is CR/NC only.
1 to 6 hours
PLS 490 - Internship
A supervised. 40-hour per week, 6 week internship in which the students work with park and recreation agencies. (PR: NRRM major. Advisor approval required.)
6 hours
CJ 590 - Internship
The placement of an individual into a criminal justice agency (police, probation, courts, jails) to observe and participate in its operation. Grading is CR/NC.
1 to 6 hours
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