Reservation Procedure for Drinko Library Collaboration, Team and Study Rooms
Effective 2/1/1999, Revised 12/17/2013

A procedure for the Reservation of Study, Team and Collaboration Rooms in the Drinko Library is detailed.

Items include:
Who May Reserve, Length and Frequency of Reservations, Terms of Use, Reservation Procedure, Delegated Authority

To provide for fair and equitable use of these limited facilities by students, faculty and staff and simultaneously provide for adequate protection and maintenance of the associated equipment.

Rooms in the Drinko Library that are designated as Study, Team or Collaboration Rooms.

All students, faculty and staff of Marshall University.



It is assumed that the use of any Marshall University Facility is solely for the purpose of furthering the mission of the University in the areas of instruction, research, community service and economic development. These rooms were designed specifically to facilitate this requirement by providing locations for small (two individuals), medium (three to four individuals), and large (five to 10 individuals) groups to meet, study, and collaborate. These facilities were designed to accommodate immediate, infrequent needs and are only to be scheduled for repetitive meetings or classes when the technologies in these rooms are constantly required.



Study Rooms – DL229, DL230, DL330, DL331, DL332, DL333, DL334, DL 335, DL346, DL347

Team Rooms – DL222, DL223, DL224, DL225, DL226, DL228, DL231, DL232, DL345

Collaboration Rooms – DL234, DL236, DL341

Group – Two or more individuals

Small Group – Study rooms accommodate two individuals

Medium Group – Team rooms accommodate three to four individuals

Large Group – Collaboration rooms accommodate five to 10 individuals



  • The rooms will be scheduled for small (study room), medium (team room), or large (collaboration room) group use only. A room cannot be reserved for one person.
  • Student, Faculty, and Staff use of these facilities for activities directly related to the mission of the University takes precedence over other requests for use.
  • An individual may request up to three blocks (six hours) in a calendar month, with no more than two blocks (four hours) in a 24-hour period.
  • The rooms will be scheduled only in two-hour blocks, no more than a month in advance.
  • Requested reservation times must begin and end on the hour or half hour.
  • Reservation requests are reviewed Monday – Friday, 8 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Requests for a same-day reservation or a reservation before noon the next day must be received no later than 3:30 pm.
  • No reservations for space can be guaranteed if the request is made less than 48 hours before the event and under no circumstances will requests submitted with a lead-time of less than four business hours be accepted.
  • Weekend reservations must be received no later than 3:30 pm on the Friday immediately preceding the weekend.
  • The rooms may be used by small, medium or large groups on a first come first served basis if the room is unscheduled and unoccupied. Single individuals will please relinquish rooms for group use.
  • Rooms will be assigned based on group size, availability and equipment needs at IT Operations staff discretion. Requests for specific space will not be honored in order to more efficiently use the spaces.
  • Requests for recurring reservations will be considered by the Information Technology Management group in consultation with the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Criterion for consideration include: size of group, constituency, and purpose as it relates to the University mission need for consistent and continual use of collaboration or telecommunications augmentation demand for these facilities.
  • This policy will be posted in each room for reference. The reservation schedule will be posted outside each room for reference. A contact for reporting problems with the room will be posted with this policy and the room schedule. The individual making the reservation will be responsible for the care and use of the facilities and equipment, cleanup at the end of the event and is requested to be present during their use. Entering the room constitutes acceptance and acknowledgment of this policy. Anyone not adhering to this policy may be denied future use. Any requests for exceptions to this policy must be reviewed and approved by the Information Technology Management Group.



Scheduling requests from students, faculty and staff will be made by completing the web or paper form and submitting it to the Customer Services group of Computing Services. This form must be filled out completely for the reservation request to be valid. Scheduling requests by outside organizations will be made through Facilities Scheduling in conjunction with the Customer Services group of Computing Services. Confirmation will be returned by email or phone by the next working day. Weekly schedules will be posted on the outside of each room and updated daily.

For help or questions contact Courtney Carter, 696-3223 or Sherry Salyers, 696-3219.

Collaboration & Team Room Reservation Form