What is a Mailing List?
Marshall University runs a Mailing List Server, known as SYMPA, which provides electronic mailing lists services. A mailing list is a list of electronic mail addresses that you can send to as if they were one email address. This makes it possible to send electronic mail to several people at one time.

In addition, we also run a Mailing List Archive Server, known as MAILARC, which provides for the archiving of email messages sent to a mailing list. By establishing a Mailing List Archive for a mailing list, all email messages sent to the mailing list are saved in a web-based Mailing List Archive.

Creating and Managing a Mailing List
Faculty and Staff at Marshall University can create, delete, modify, and even manage subscribers of an electronic mailing list by using the Electronic Mailing List Manager. Note that you will need to enter your MUNet Username and Password to access the Electronic Mailing List Manager.

Access the Electronic Mailing List Manager 

Sending Email to a Mailing List
To send electronic mail to a mailing list you should send the message to the list name followed by @lists.marshall.edu. For example: To send electronic mail to the demo-list you should send an email message to:


Note: Some mailing lists have restricted access, which requires that you are a member of the list in order to send email to the list. 

Marshall University Mailing Lists
A list of Marshall University Mailing Lists is available which provides details about each mailing list.