Please read the following questions and answers for details about Vanity Email Addresses.

What is the difference between a username-based email address and a Vanity Email Address? 
A username-based email address is automatically assigned to you when you get a computer account at Marshall University. For example: Ann Expert has a username of expert and her username-based email address is A Vanity Email Address is a more descriptive email address that you have chosen (but which must be based on your last name). For example: Ann Expert could choose a Vanity Email Address of

Will my old username-based email address still work?
After establishing a Vanity Email Address, you will still be able to receive email that is sent to your username-based email address. However, you will not be able to send email using that address. When you send an email message, your new Vanity Email Address must be used. If you configure your mail application to use your username-based email address, the mail system will automatically convert that address to your new Vanity Email Address before attempting to deliver the message.

What if my username-based email address is subscribed to a mailing list?
You should unsubscribe from any mailing lists prior to establishing a Vanity Email Address, and then resubscribe to those mailing lists after you have established your Vanity Email Address. Failure to do so may limit or remove your ability to send email to those mailing lists. Note that once you have set a Vanity Email Address it may be extremely difficult to unsubscribe from a mailing list as you will not be able to send an UNSUBSCRIBE command from your old username-based email address as required by many mailing list servers.

What if I set a Vanity Email Address and want to change it? 
We only allow changes to Vanity Email Address names due to a name change caused by marriage, divorce, or other legal name change. You should be absolutely certain that you wish to establish a Vanity Email Address before submitting your request.

Does setting a Vanity Email Address change my username? 
A Vanity Email Address only changes your email address. Your username stays the same. Thus, if Ann Expert married John Novice, she could then change her Vanity Email Address to However, her username of expert would not change.

Can I pick any name I want for my Vanity Email Address?
Your Vanity Email Address must be based on your name. You will be able to choose any name you want, although portions of your name (specifically your last name) must be in your Vanity Email Address.

When you select the Vanity Email Address Setup link below you will be asked to authenticate yourself by entering your username and password. You must enter your username and password to access the Vanity Email Address Setup form.

Vanity Email Address Setup