Your Responsibility

You are responsible for reading your Marshall University electronic mail even if you use another account at work, home, etc. as your primary email account. Should any official communications from Marshall University be sent to you via electronic mail, it will be sent to your Marshall University email address.

You can either access your email (located on the Electronic Mail Hub) at Marshall University or forward your Marshall University email to your primary email account.

You should also pay special attention to the Email Policy as it describes the proper use of Email services at Marshall University.

Email Addresses

Marshall University provides electronic mail services to every faculty, staff, and student, as well as those persons affiliated with Marshall University that have dial-in service to the Internet via WVNET.

Your MUnet Account name is used as your electronic mail address. For example: Ima Novice, who has an MUnet Account name of novice, has the email address of Ann Expert, who has an MUnet Account name of expert, has an account name of

Note that you can choose a more descriptive name, known as a Vanity Email Address, to use as your email address. For example: Ann Expert might choose to use as her email address instead of the address that she was assigned.

Finding Someone’s Email Address

You can find the electronic mail addresses Marshall University Faculty, Staff, and Students by accessing the Marshall University Electronic Phonebook. Note that students have the right to request, via the Office of the Registrar, that their address information is confidential. Those students selecting this option will not appear in the Electronic Phonebook.