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Windows Users

  1. Download VLC Player
  2. Once installed, open the program and from the media menu choose – open network stream and copy and paste the following address.

  3. MyZ will open by default. From the menu bar choose view and then playlist.
  4. From the playlist you will be able to change the channel.
Mac users
  1. Download VLC Player
  2. Open VLC Player
  3. Choose Window on the menu bar and choose Playlist.
    The player will then show the playlist
  4. Click File and choose Open Network
  5. Enter the following address in the URL box – then click open

  6. VLC will automatically open the first entry in the playlist.

    If you can no longer see the playlist resize the video window. You should see all the available channels in the playlist.

  7. Double click the channel you want to watch.