Revised 07/01/00

Statement: This policy is designed to provide equitable access to the University Public Computing Facilities at Marshall University for faculty, staff and student use. The University Public Computing Facilities represent a major investment by Marshall University and are critical in carrying out its academic mission. Any one group cannot monopolize the University Public Computing Facilities. Adherence to the procedures set forth by this policy document will ensure equitable access for all.

Purpose: This policy establishes the criteria for reserving the Marshall University Public Computing Facilities. The University Public Computer Facilities are a limited resource that must be shared by the Marshall University community.

Request for Use of the University Computer Facilities

Full Semester Reservations

Each department wishing to schedule a semester-long block of lab time for individual courses must submit a written request and justification to Information Technology Services by the first Friday in September for classes in the Spring Semester and by the second Friday in January for classes scheduled for the upcoming Fall semester and Summer Terms. The request will then be forwarded to the Vice President, Academic Affairs for consideration.

Short Term Requests

Requests for short-term reservations may be submitted from 6 months to 7 days prior to the days being reserved but no more than twice the number of credit hours per course may be scheduled prior to the beginning of the course and no more than one third of the total course contact hours of any course can be requested in a given semester. Requests submitted less than seven days in advance will be reviewed, but granting of late requests may depend on ability to notify users, time of year (for instance, less likely near finals and midterms) and availability of the facility.

Requests for blocks of time in excess of 6 hours in two weeks will be considered only if there is remaining time and space after other requests have been processed.

Allocation of Computing Hours

Limited Reservations

Labs may be requested for workshops, training and demonstrations for no more than 8 hours in any two-week period for training. The assignment of these reservations will be on a first-come basis.

Open Access

At least 50% of the lab seats must be available for open use during any given day.

Criteria For Establishing Reservations

Nature of Reservation

Full Semester Course Reservations

Full semester course reservations by Marshall University faculty and staff for Marshall University faculty, staff or students will be judged by course design and pedagogy. For example, does the course content specifically require hands-on computer instruction on a daily basis? This is to be confirmed by letter of support from an academic dean and may be supported by other material including a letter from the UITC (University Information Technology Committee) and should be included along with the scheduling request to the Manager of Information Technology Services which will then be forwarded to the Vice President, Academic Affairs for consideration.


Need for the course or number of sections to be offered. For example, requests for multiple sections of a course may be declined in favor of a more varied course offering. A letter of support from the Academic Dean or Department Chair or Faculty member is required. Departments are to submit requests to the Manager of Information Technology Services along with a one-page justification based on course content and method of delivery that will then be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Benefit To Marshall University

Direct benefit to Marshall University faculty, staff or students.

Benefit to the Campus Community

Direct benefit to a campus associated organization.

Community Benefit

Direct benefit to the community.

Contracted use

Activities that are contracted by community organizations that require computing facilities.

Decision-making process

The initial decisions for short-term requests will be made by the Manager of Information Services, Facilities based on the above criteria. However, in the event of scheduling conflicts, the Vice President, Academic Affairs is the final authority on lab scheduling.


Acknowledging that there are many competing interests involved, the TQM committee and University Computer Services asks those making requests for lab times to consider carefully your needs and to request lab scheduling only for courses that require it and onl for the amount of time you will actually need the facility. Lab use will be monitored, and departments not fully using designated times will be asked to relinquish some or all of the time. Continued abuse of the reservation policy will adversely affect the ranking of future requests.

“Abuse” shall be defined as any of the following: not meeting class in the lab at the designated time, non-compliance with any rules regarding software use or licensing, not filling more than 70% of seats reserved, extending the length of class or refusing to relinquish the lab at the end of the designated period, altering or reconfiguring any of the equipment or software without the permission of the lab management. (Attachment of zip drives, jazz drives or other external devices must first meet with approval of the lab management. )

Appeals Process:

Any appeal of the decisions of the University Computing Service’s scheduling of short term scheduling decisions can be brought before the TQM committee which can arbitrate and ultimately decide to grant or deny the request. All efforts will be made to seek a fair and consistent allocation of computer resources in accordance with multiple needs.

Rejection of Request Form

Requests that are received with incomplete information will be returned to the sender and will not be considered valid until returned with the correct information.


Instructors, or their designates, must be present in the computer facility during the reserved time.


Un-Schedulable University Computing Sites

The John D. Drinko Library Study Center cannot be reserved under any circumstance.

Reservation Time

Reservations will only be held for 10 minutes after their scheduled time.

Reservation Requests for Using a University Computing Facility

All requests for reservations must be made by one of the following mechanisms:

Written Submission

Request may be submitted in writing on a University Computing Services Reservation Request Form (see attachment).

Electronic Submission

Submission of reservation requests may be made by electronic mail sent to Electronic mail must include the same information contained in the University Computing Services Reservation Request Form.

Web Submission

Submission of reservation requests may be made by using the electronic web based form located at:

Acknowledgement of Reservation Request

All reservation requests will be acknowledged with 48 hours of their submission.