Have you Herd?

Marshall University introduces a brand new myMU, featuring many new & exciting changes. Our, all new, MyMU has many enhancements designed to make your online experience more convenient, accessible, and useful than ever before. Many of the portal’s new features are designed to help you make the most of your online experience at Marshall University, and provide you with unmatched access to University applications and resources.

To access the new portal, simply go to mymu.marshall.edu, and select the “New” version link to visit the new myMU. Once you arrive at the new login page, you will immediately see perhaps the most significant difference between the new myMU and the traditional myMU. To login to the new myMU, you no longer use your MUID#! That’s right, no more 901XXXXXX to login, now you simply use your MUNET username. The same credentials you use to log on to University domain computers, such as those located in the Drinko library and computer labs. The current myMU will continue to be available throughout the summer and will run in tandem with the NEW myMU.

Your MUNet username and password replace your MUID and PIN – this translates to fewer credentials you’ll need to remember!

Additionally, there are many more enhancements including:

• New login method: MUNet username/password

• Fresh look and feel

• Improved navigation

• Direct access to commonly-used tools such as registration and grade viewing

• Access to other University services such as Lynda and online payments

• New social media tools

We encourage all members of the university community to look for and explore these coming changes to myMU!