Access V: Drive over VPN (Windows)

Access from myMU

  1. Make sure you have Cisco AnyConnect installed. You can download the client from:
  2. Launch Cisco AnyConnect and log in with your MUNet credentials.
  3. Once Cisco AnyConnect is connected, open a FIle Explorer window. (This can be done by searching for “File Explorer” in the Start Menu)
  4. In the address bar, type "\\\Users" (without quotes) and tap enter.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your Marshall credentials. Enter "MARSHALL\your-username" (without quotes) in the username field, and your normal MUNET password in the password field. *If you are using a university issued PC, you likely will not be prompted for credentials*
  6. After several seconds, you should see a folder named your MUNET username. Double click on this folder, and you should now see the contents of your V:\ drive. You will be able to interact with files as normal.