Software Downloads

Adobe Flash Player
Flash Player is a browser plug-in that delivers video and interactive experiences to over 99% of internet users.
Download here

iTunes is a free application for MAC and PC. It plays digital music and video. This program must also be used to access iTunesU.
Download here

Jing is a free software that allows you to take a snapshot or video of your computer screen and save it to your computer, or share via Instant Message or email. You may use this software with or without a mic, and is ideal for capturing quick video or screenshots.
Download here

TurningPoint is interactive student software. This program creates a new tab on the ribbon of your Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing you to drop in interactive assessment slides. The download is free, and free to try, but students must have receivers, or “clickers,” in order to participate.
Download here

Blackboard IM
Blackboard IM is an Instant Messaging service that is different than regular instant messaging services in that it connects students, faculty, and staff to not only each other, but key campus resources (examples: Writing Center, HelpDesk, and Library). Classmates can converse with each other, and faculty could use this for virtual office hours without being logged into MUOnLine.

Log into MUOnLine and find the link to Blackboard IM on the left sidebar. When setting up your username, please use your name instead of your 901.

Windows Media Player
Media Player is used to play music and videos on your PC.
Download here