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Recent Theses completed in the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications

For a complete searchable database of Marshall University Theses and Dissertations since Fall 2011 go to Marshall Digital Scholar.

For Theses and Dissertations prior to Fall 2011 please see:
http://www.marshall.edu/etd/ApprovedETDListByDegree.asp?Degree=Journalism, M.A.J.


  • Atkins, Christopher Lupton. Broadcast News Organizations’ Perceptions of Viewer Generated Content. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2010.
  • Cavalier, Adam David. The Effects of a Web Presence on Sportscasting Audiences. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2011.
  • Fornaciari, Federica. Digital Hypertexts Vs. Traditional Books: An Inquiry into Non-linearity. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2009.
  • Haught, Matthew Joseph. The New Newspaper: Examining the Role of Design in the Modern Print Edition. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2010.
  • Marsh, Susan Lynne. Race for the Senate: A Content Analysis of the Campaign Coverage of West Virginia Senate Candidates Marie Redd and Tom Scott in 1998 and Marie Redd and Evan Jenkins in 2002. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2004.
  • McAteer, Michael J. Analysis of Teens’ Attitudes Toward Health Claims on Branded, Prepackaged Foods. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2011.
  • Okoth, David. A Comparative Analysis of the New York Times [U.S.A] and the Nation Media Group [Kenya] Presidential Opinion Polls Coverage 90 Days Prior to Election Day. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2009.
  • Robertson, Deirdre Elizabeth. The Effects of Anti-depressant Advertising on Perception of Depression in College Students at Marshall University. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2008.
  • Spears, Valerie Lane. Ladies on the Label: A Meta-analysis of Stereotypes in Advertising. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2007.
  • Weible, Hilary Groutage. Niche Publications: Their Popularity and Profitability at Newspapers in Utah and West Virginia. Journalism, M.A.J. Thesis. 2009.


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