Six Degrees of Education

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During your tenure in the W. Page Pitt School of Journalism and Mass Communications we want you to learn six things. There are, naturally, a multitude of specific skills you’ll learn that fold into these six goals, but from a road view every graduate will:

  1. Understand and apply the principles and laws of freedom of speech and press.
  2. Prepare and disseminate oral and written communications by:
    • using and presenting images and information
    • writing correctly and clearly
    • conducting research and evaluating information
    • critically evaluating your work and that of others
    • synthesizing information
  3. Apply basic numerical and statistical concepts.
  4. Articulate ethical responsibilities of the field.
  5. Demonstrate competency to be employed in a mass communications field by:
    • thinking critically, creatively and independently
    • understanding the history and roles of professionals
    • understanding diversity
  6. Apply tools and technologies of the profession.