Honor Code

The JMELI will expect participants to maintain an upstanding character and not participate or condone activities that would be detrimental to themselves, the JMELI program, or Marshall University.  Upon accepting an appointment to the JMELI program, the participant will pledge the following:

“I agree to maintain personal integrity and exemplary character.  I agree to operate in an environment that does not condone lying, cheating, or any other ethical or moral infraction that undermines my character and leadership abilities.  I agree to refrain from activities that will have a detrimental effect on my personal well-being, the JMELI program, or Marshall University.”

Grade Point Average

JMELI participants will be expected to maintain a cumulative and semester grade point average of 2.5 or better.  Students failing to meet this GPA requirement will be given an opportunity to participate for one semester on a conditional basis.

Full-Time Course Enrollment

JMELI participants will be expected to maintain a full-time course schedule.  At Marshall University, a full-time course load would consist of 12 or more hours of course work.  Students enrolling for less than full-time will not be eligible to participate.

If a student begins an enrollment period with full-time enrollment and later drops to less than full-time, continued participation will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Written documentation must be provided to the Dean or director for consideration.  Illness, accidents, family deaths and other unexpected family situations will be given due consideration; however, as a general rule, employment/work schedule will not be considered a valid reason for granting an exception.  It is the opinion of the JMELI administration that leaders must be able to balance their educational endeavors with other obligations.

Attendance and Participation

JMELI participants will be expected to attend and participate in all scheduled activities; however, the program understands that there will be some occasions that students will not be able to attend.