Group Meetings

JMELI participants will begin each fall semester with a group meeting. This meeting will provide an opportunity for participants to meet each other and the program administration.

Group meetings will be held approximately every other week, depending on the academic calendar and other seminars or retreats.  Meetings will generally be held in a meeting room located in the Memorial Student Center.  On occasion, these  meetings may be held off-campus or in other meeting locations.  Group meetings will generally be a casual where members will be informed of upcoming events and opportunities.  This will also be a time for group leaders to talk with participants about current events or other topics of interest.

Group Seminars

Seminars on leadership issues will be presented each month by faculty, staff, and guest facilitators.  These seminars will cover many topics including motivation, goals, strategies, communication, problem solving, diversity, and collaboration.


Each fall, the group will have an off-campus, overnight retreat at a local park facility.  The retreat will provide opportunities for new students to bond and build relationships with returning JMELI participants.  The retreat will provide a time of recreation as well as several organized team-building exercises.

As funds allow, a spring road trip will be planned at a convenient time in the spring.  This will be an opportunity for the students to be exposed to leadership in various settings.  JMELI students travelled to Washington, D.C., in April 2007 and 2008.  In the future, trip opportunities may be available for exploring leadership opportunities in other areas such as business, the arts, media, travel, etc.

Community Service

Emerging Leaders are expected to take a leadership role in service projects for the university and surrounding community.  They will also be responsible for coordinating service projects for other Marshall University students not involved in the Institute.