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The Journal of Rural Community Psychology Gets New Life Under New Editor

Under the new editorship of Keelon Hinton, Ph.D., the Journal of Rural Community Psychology (JRCP) remains officially open for business.


I am pleased to announce that Keelon Hinton, Ph.D. (Howard University) will become the new Senior Editor of the (JRCP) when I step down in the Spring of 2014.

JRCP is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal published in electronic form by Marshall University, in Huntington, West Virginia. This journal has been devoted to the dissemination of information related to the sociological, psychological and mental health issues in rural and small community settings.  Current and archived volumes are available without charge and no subscription is required.

Readers are allowed to access any and all available articles and to download and print these. Readers are welcomed to employ quotes of a reasonable length from any article published here provided the appropriate citations are always used giving full credit to the author(s) and to the journal.

Dr. Hinton is requesting assistance from our colleagues in our efforts to continue to publish a journal that clearly does fulfill a needed role.  The “staff” at JRCP have always been all volunteer and a very few people have been responsible for all of the work needed to publish the journal for nearly two decades. Turnover in technical assistance has been an ongoing problem and it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a pool of qualified peer reviewers large and diverse enough to insure high quality review of articles.

 Some of our current reviewers have agreed to stay on, but there is a need for volunteers to serve as reviewers and to fill vacancies on the Editorial Board of the journal. Anyone who is willing to offer their time in this manner will be seriously considered regardless of discipline or academic level and all inquiries will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to all our readers, to the reviewers and co-editors for donating their valuable time, to our many authors for sharing their discoveries and expertise, and to Marshall University for the web space which has been made available without strings or advertising. 

 Please direct all future inquiries, submissions and comments to Dr. Keelon Hinton (Hinton3@Marshall.Edu).



Pamela L. Mulder, Ph.D.

    Retiring Senior Editor, 1997-2014


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