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Volume E10   Number 1    Spring, 2007


Bystander Assistance during Emergencies in Rural/Coastal Shelburne County, Nova Scotia
Iain W. Thompson


A Collaboration Between Extension and Psychology to Improve Health For Rural Americans: The National Rural Behavioral Health Center

Brenda A. Wiens, Garret D. Evans, Heidi Liss Radunovich, Nayda I. Torres, Ronald H. Rozensky, Michael G. Perri & David Janicke     

Effects of Mental Illness, Age, Gender, Personal Healthcare Provider Relationship, and Medical Insurance Status on
Healthcare Access in an Underserved Homeless Shelter Population in two Midwestern Rural Communities:
A Multivariate Analysis
Christopher E. Benejam, Lori Harmon, Linda Owens, Ph.D., & Ralph S. Benejam, M.D.


Intercultural Sensitivity of Rural Family Medicine Residents

Allison K. Bradshaw, M.A. & Joseph R. Biggs, Ph.D.


Does rurality effect mental health? A primary care study

Alistair Campbell PhD, Jane Caffrey & Terese Manoff






1997, 1998, Journal of Rural Community Psychology
Last Revised: February, 2007.