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Vol. E11 No. 1                        Spring/Summer 2008



Section One: Special Issue
Featuring Selected Articles from the
2006 National Rural Women’s Health Conference

San Antonio, Texas
Nov 16-18 2006

Thanks to these members of the Penn State Rural Women's Health Initiative (RWHI) for planning and conducting a valuable conference and sharing these papers:

Luanne Thorndyke, MD, Lisa Davis, MHA, Fred Vondracek, PhD, Marilyn Corbin, PhD & Bonnie Bixler, MeD

Challenges and Opportunities Impacting the Mental Health of Rural Women

            Shirley A Gerrior, Caroline Crocoll, Celia Hayhoe & Joseph Wysocki

Exploring Depression in Frontier Communities

            Eldonna Sylvia, Joy Koesten, Patricia Kelly & Eve-Lynn Nelson


Employment Patterns, Family Resources, and Perception: Examining Depressive Symptoms among Rural Low-Income Mothers

            Yoshie Sano, Elizabeth M. Dolan, Leslie Richards, Jean Bauer & Bonnie Braun

A Participant-Driven Effort to Assess and Address an Emerging Climate of Harassment in a Rural High School

        Christopher W. LeGrow & Tracy L. LeGrow