A Note From the Supervising Editor

It is my belief that readers will find that this issue deserves the "special" designation for many reasons. This issue demonstrates a sincere interest in having a very inclusive editorial policy.It has long been my contention that, given the small number of researchers and authors who have chosen to focus on rural issues and concerns, the Journal of Rural Community Psychology should open its “doors” to our colleagues in other fields of study, to students, and to non-academics.

Input from various areas of psychological inquiry, in addition to clinical and professional practice, will enhance our ability to consider rural issues from more holistic environmental perspectives. Moreover, input from students and researchers representing other disciplines, including sociology and anthropology, social work and medicine, criminal justice and economics, even philosophy and religion, among others can only help us in our quest to understand and serve the needs of rural residents.

Contributors to this special issue include students, researchers, faculty and practitioners from several disciplines. In addition to empirical studies submitted by students and researchers from the Community-Clinical program of Wichita State University and from the Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology at the University of Idaho, this issue presents several essays prepared by authors from the field of Communication Studies. These essays are clearly different from the standard published materials in the field of psychology, and they offer perspectives that are distinct from the mainstream thought in our field of study.

It is my hope that you will find them as provocative and engaging as I have.

I want to express my gratitude to Ronald L. Jackson II, Ph.D., who served as the editor for this special issue. I know well how daunting and challenging this work can be, and Dr. Jackson took on the challenge with enthusiasm. This issue is, I believe, a credit to his professionalism and commitment, and I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Jackson, for his tremendous efforts on behalf of this journal.

I would also like to note, once again, that we are still seeking manuscript submissions for a special issue on the broad topic of gender identity and orientation in rural communities, and to recognize Keith Beard, Psy.D. for his ongoing efforts to solicit submissions and edit this upcoming special issue. Questions, and submissions from any field of study, should be directed to Dr. Beard at Beard@Marshall.Edu.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to a new editorial policy. We would like to begin publishing letters from our readers that relate to published articles in this journal or which offer suggestions and comments. We receive many letters, and not all are intended for publication. Should you wish to submit a letter, suggestion, commentary, or other material for publication, please address them to me (Mulder@Marshall.Edu) or post them on the journal list service (JRCP-list@Marshall.Edu).Be sure to indicate that your correspondence is intended for publication. We have also decided to begin publishing relevant book and article reviews once again; these should also be directed to me at the addresses already given.

Pamela L. Mulder, Ph.D.

Supervising Editor