Special  Issue

Journal of Rural Community Psychology

Vol. E4(1), 2001


Table of Contents


Note From the Supervising Editor

            Pamela L. Mulder


Introduction to the Special Issue: Negotiating Race, Culture, & Identity in Rural Community Settings: An Introduction

            Ronald L. Jackson II   Pennsylvania State University


Negotiation of African American Identities in Rural America: A Cultural Contracts Approach

Ronald L. Jackson II  Pennsylvania State University

James B. Stewart  Pennsylvania State University


The Benefits of Parenting Self-Help Groups for Rural Latino Parents

Scott Wituk Wichita State University

Amy Commer Wichita State University

Julie Lindstrom Director of Walk Across America March of Dimes, Chicago, Illinois

Greg Meisen Wichita State University


Vocational Rehabilitation and the Dilemma of Race in Rural Communities: Sociopolitical Realities and Myths from the Past  

Keith B. Wilson The Pennsylvania State University

Dothel W. Edwards, Jr. University of Maryland-Eastern Shore

Reginald J. AlstonUniversity of Illinois-Urbana Champaign

Debra A. HarleyUniversity of Kentucky

Jhan D. Doughty The Pennsylvania State University


Mapping Race, School Segregation, and Black Identities in Woodville, Mississippi: A Case Study of a Rural Community  

           Celnisha L. Dangerfield   The Pennsylvania State University  


The Implications Of Physical & Spatial Fragmentation On Being Human

Amardo Rodriguez   Syracuse University


Perceptions of Economic Development, Environmental Protection, and Rural Indian Identity

J.D. Wulfhorst  University of Idaho

A.E.  Luloff  Pennsylvania State University

Stan Albrecht  Utah State University

Steve Lopez  Fort Mojave Indian Tribe