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Manuscripts considered for publication must represent original work of the authors, and must not have been previously published in another journal, or be currently under consideration by another journal. Authors will be required to complete a transfer of copyright for each article accepted for publication.

We consider manuscripts from authors in any discipline; the journal is not limited only to those in psychology. We also consider manuscripts from graduate students under their own authorship and we will consider manuscripts prepared by undergraduate students if a faculty member is a co-author.

We strongly prefer that manuscripts be submitted in electronic form, via e-mail. Simply originate an e-mail message to Dr. Keelon Hinton (Hinton3@Marshall.Edu) and include the manuscript as an attachment. Our preferred format is for attachments is Microsoft Word. If that is unavailable to you, please email the address above for further information.

Use minimal formatting. Do NOT include running heads, tabulations, page numbers or hard page breaks. Use "Normal" style only. Do not attempt to justify the text or protect paragraphs. Please! The more formatting you use, the harder our editors have to work to remove unexpected commands that may interfere with the eventual electronic publication. 

In general, current APA guidelines for style and organization will apply to the final published copy. However, your task is ONLY to have the appropriate information in the appropriate place. Our upload editors will format the text for style prior to upload in the event that your submission is accepted.

You should include tables prepared using Word in the text of your article in the location where you would like for it to appear. However, charts, figures and all other graphics should be in JPEG or GIF format and we prefer to receive these at separate attachments. In your text, you should note where you would like to have charts, figures and graphs inserted by including a statement like this (insert figure 1 about here) in the text.

If it is not possible for you to submit an item electronically, a disk containing the submission (with files prepared as described above) may be sent to:  JRCP Manuscripts, c/o Department of Psychology, Marshall University, One John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV 25755

Please note that even after your submission is accepted for publication, if significant difficulties are encountered during the process of uploading as a result of formatting that authors have incorporated into any file, we reserve the right to delay publication until the authors can supply an electronic or disc submitted version which is not overly formatted.



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Last modified March, 2014