journal of

rural community psychology

Volume E5   Number 1     Spring 2002



From the Desk of the Supervising Editor: A Tribute to Mr. James (Gil) Hill

        Pamela L. Mulder

Amish Needs and Mental Health Care

        Diane S. DeRue, Rob Schlegel, & Jennifer Yoder

A Comparison Between the Effectiveness of Scattered versus Centralized Apartment Housing Units For Substance Abusing Mentally Ill (SAMI) Rural Clients: Implications for Outpatient Care

        Paulette Marie Gillig, Amy Clark Jomantas, Hilton Rodriguez, Jan Rhoades, & Amy Kissling

Homebound Seniors in Rural Communities: Recruitment Challenges & Emerging Themes

        Jyotsna M. Kalavar. & John Rapano

Burnout and Social Support in Rural Mental Health Counselors

        J. Alan Kee, Don Johnson, & Portia Hunt

Self-Help Group Leaders as Community Helpers: An Impact Assessment

        Greg Meissen, Mary Warren, Tonja Nansel, & Samantha Goodman

Similarities of School Shootings in Rural and Small Town Communities

        Scott T. Kidd and Cheryl L. Meyer