A Note From the Desk of the Supervising Editor

Pamela L. Mulder, Ph.D.


Dear Readers:

Because I can, I am going to use "my" space in this issue of the Journal of Rural Community Psychology to publish a very special note of thanks to a dear friend and an outstanding colleague,

Mr. James G (Gil) Hill.

Oh - no, not THAT sort of tribute!  Do not be sad -- Gil has RETIRED !

And I want to thank him for all of his hard work and dedication - and wish him a wonderful, exciting, and fulfilling retirement!  He and his lovely wife, Carol, will be traveling, collecting (and creating!) more of the eclectic works of art that grace their beautiful Washington, D.C. home, spending time with some very special grandchildren, and enjoying one another's company.  I could truly be terribly jealous, although I have to admit that Gil certainly deserves our best wishes for a delightful - and busy - retirement.

Gil has retired from the American Psychological Association, where he served as the Director of the Office of Rural Health\Substance Abuse. He worked tirelessly on behalf of clinicians working in rural areas and developed an unmatched understanding of rural issues.

There are so many professional accomplishments for which Gil deserves recognition.  I cannot begin to site them all.  It is my hope that others who have worked with Gil at APA over the years, as members of the Rural Task Force, on the Rural Women's Work Group, on the Committee for Rural Health, and on many other projects and committees, will share their memories with me by email, so that I can add them to this tribute.

This tribute then will be a living document, to a man who enjoys life and work and play -- and who knows all of the very best restaurants in Washington, D.C. (and perhaps in every city on this planet).  In fact, I have yet to spend more than 5 minutes with Gil in the lobby of any major hotel in any city where we have met for conferences or meetings before he has met someone he knows - someone who is at the hotel for en entirely different reason!  I have come to the conclusion that Gil simply knows almost everyone!

And if you are among the many, many people who know James G. (Gil) Hill, and would like to add your comments and/or your best wishes to this tribute -- please email me.

Gil, you are going to be greatly missed -- so be sure to have a wonderful retirement!

All the best to you, Carol, and the family!