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Volume E15            Number 1       2012


Pamela L. Mulder, Ph.D. and Keelon Hinton, Ph.D., Editors

Okey J. Napier, Jr., M.A., Technical Editor

A Publication of

Marshall University College of Liberal Arts

Department of Psychology

Huntington West Virginia



Missions and Values of Community Research Centers

          Nichole Porter & Leonard A. Jason


Anticipated Help-Seeking Behavior Among Veterans and Non-Veterans in Rural Utah

         Lance D. Erickson, Jeremy B. Yorgason, & Vaughn R.A. Call


Interpersonal and Background Influences on Health Promotion of Older Rural Adults

          Donna J. Plonczynski, Ping Yao, Jessica Hartman, Margaret West, Amanda Salacinskia & Michael Mannion


Ageing Well in Rural Australia:  Minimizing Loss, Maximizing Gains

          Rachel Winterton & Jene Warburton


Therapy for Depression through Teletherapy

          D. Kim Openshaw, Jenny A. Morrow, Roxanne Pfister &  Dan Moen


Lessons Learned From the Implementation of a School-Based Telepsychiatry Enhancement Program for Students with Special Education Needs

        Kim Sanders, Alex Ramsey, Ruth Heitkamp, Shinji Ogita & Virginia Donney


Exploring Irish Multigenerational Trauma and itsí Healing: Lessons from the Oglala Lakota (Sioux)

         Kenneth M. Coll, Brenda Freeman, Paul Robertson, Eileen Iron Cloud & Rick Two Dogs


Rural Adolescent Stressors and Depressive Symptoms

            Cara Young


Correlates of Homophobia and Gay Affirmative Practice in Rural Practitioners

            Catherine Crisp


Identifying the Mental Health Needs of the Hispanic / Latino Culture in Rural Texas

          Lisa Ruelas, Pamela Contreras & Steve F. Bain



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