Journal of Rural Community Psychology, Vol. E2, No. 1, 1999 
Parenting Attitudes and Behaviors
in Rural Appalachian Mothers:
A Comparison Study
Margaret Fish
Marshall University School of Medicine
Cynthia A. Stifter
Pennsylvania State University
Family Issues in Two Forms
of Sustainable Agriculture
Paul C. Rosenblatt & Althea A. Dixon
University of Minnesota
Improving Communication Between
Clinical Psychologists and Primary Care Physicians
Michael J. Zvolensky, George H. Eifert,
Kevin Larkin,
West Virginia University
Heidi A. Ludwig
SUNY at Buffalo
Brief Commentary
Changing Frontiers of Health Care: Improving Rural and Remote
Practice through Professional Conferencing on the Internet
B. Hudnall Stamm, Ph.D. &
Joseph M. Rudolph, M.A.
Traumatic Stress Research Group
University of Alaska Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska *