Adding Wimba Content from Pre-Existing Live Classroom

Adding Wimba Content from Pre-existing Live Classroom
1.      Log In to MUOnline
2.      Enter Course that contains Wimba Live Classroom
3.      Select the “Build Tab”
4.      Click on “Add Content Link”
5.      Click on “Wimba Live Classroom”
6.      Click on “Create Wimba Live Classroom”
7.      Enter your desired “Title” for the instance of Live Classroom
8.      Click “Continue”
9.      Select “Link to Existing Room”
10.  Choose the appropriate instance of Live Classroom that you are trying to recover from the Drop-Down menu to the right.
11.  Click “Continue”

This will create a new instance of Live Classroom and will import all of the content and archives from the pre-existing room.