IE 9 tab crash when accessing MUOnline

Depending on the Java Runtime Environment installed on a client machine, users may experience a browser tab crash when attempting to log-in to MUOnline.    The crash may be accompanied by the following error message:  Additionally, IE9 may be unable … Continued

Opening Office 2010 Documents through MUOnline

On computers using Windows 7 operating system and Office 2010, users will see an additional dialog box when opening an Office document. Click open on the dialog box and then a second dialog box will appear.  Choose cancel until dialog … Continued

Java Security Dialog When Accessing MUOnline

Please note this issue only affects Windows users who are using Java version or higher. When logging into MUOnline, users will be presented with a security dialog pop up which says “Java has discovered application components that could indicate … Continued

Adding Wimba Content from Pre-Existing Live Classroom

Adding Wimba Content from Pre-existing Live Classroom   1.      Log In to MUOnline 2.      Enter Course that contains Wimba Live Classroom 3.      Select the “Build Tab” 4.      Click on “Add Content Link” 5.      Click on “Wimba Live Classroom” 6.      Click … Continued

Wimba Pronto – Deleting User Account

If you create a Pronto account and do not like the Pronto ID you used to setup the account, the only way you can change this is to delete the account and recreate it using the Pronto ID that you … Continued

Wimba Classroom – JSecure Door Error

Problem: When attempting to use Classroom, a pop-up window appears with the message below. Students are unable to participate in the Classroom session via video or audio. “JSecureDoor Error Wimba Classroom v5.2.4.1 (error 132) Unable to Find Archive There was … Continued

Search – Displaying Private Posts

If you use the Search tool to search for a term and if that term is used in someone’s private post such as a Journal entry the Search tool will find it and display it. Only workaround – do not … Continued

Menu – Left Menu Bar Displays Across Screen

If you log into your course section and the left side menu bar fills the screen, click on a specific tool and the bar should revert back to normal. If it does not then click My MUOnline and relaunch the … Continued

Learning Modules – Cannot Reorder

If you are working in a module and you reorder items then click to another tool in the course menu then come back to the module and see that the changed did not take place, leave the course section by … Continued

GradeBook – Missing From Course

If you log into your MUOnline course, click GradeBook, and the GradeBook does NOT appear, you only see a blank screen… First, do not panic, the GradeBook is not gone. It is a Java issue. Listed below are 3 options … Continued