Folders – Cannot Rename

There have been random instances of renaming a folder, content file, URL, etc.  When clicking on the Edit Properties option on the item and renaming it, then clicking Save the orginial name still appears on the page. This appears in both templates and … Continued

Discussions – Unable to Print

If a message has an attachment and if there is an special character in the file name of the attachment, the attachment and following messages will not print. Workaround – uncheck the message with the attachment, then once the printable … Continued

Chat – Messages Read Unavailable/Available

Chat rooms may display repeatedly a message: “The Chat tool is currently unavailable. Try again later” then reads “The Chat tool is now available” Currently there is no fix for this issue. A trouble ticket is pending at Blackboard Support.

Assignments – Using Grading Forms and Grade Columns

If a Grading Form is associated with an assignment and the grading form is modified after it is associated with the Assignment, the modification may create new column in the Grade Book. (example Assignment 1 and Assignment 1 1)