Campus Building Information API


We have recently made available a public service URL that will return an XML formatted string with information about buildings on campus.


The URL for this script:

Calling the URL directly will return an XML formatted string of all information in the campus tour database.   This information includes the names, descriptions, and image file name for buildings on campus.

Optional URL parameters:

You can obtain the ID of a specific building by calling this script directly.    Once you have the ID you want to use, you can reference that ID as a URL variable when calling the script, so that only information about the building associated with the ID being passed is returned.

Example: will return XML for Harless Dining Hall.


Obtaining Photographs of Campus

Marshall University is providing content developers with photographic resources for use in the web content being developed for the University.    Photographs that are available for your use are located at

MU Photos is a site run by “SmugMug”, and online photo storage site similar to Flickr or Photobucket.   Uploading photos to MU Photo makes it possible to provide simple galleries to users, where photos can be downloaded and saved locally.

Some content stored on MU Photos is intended for internal use only.   If you see galleries that have a “lock” thumbnail image on them, this means that they require a login in order to access contents, and generally are not available for public use.   A good rule of thumb is that anything you’re able to see/download you are ok to use.

If you have questions about how to use the MU Photos site, please open a ticket with the Marshall University Help Desk requesting assistance.

What is MUWEB?

In May 2008, Marshall University deployed MUWEB in support of the 2008 Election Results mirroring project that we participated in.    After project conclusion, Computing Services retained MUWEB as a public facing development server.

How is MUWEB different from WWW?

Because is the primary web server for the University, stability is of absolute importance.    This limits the range of web technologies that can be available to campus developers.    MUWEB resolves this problem by providing a server where there are no essential web facing services deployed, enabling the use of additional technologies.

That being said, it should be noted that since deployment, MUWEB has experience no signfigant downtime, and is currently running at over 99.8% uptime month over month.

What technologies are available on MUWEB?

Sites deployed on MUWEB are free to use any of the following:

  1. HTML
  2. Classic ASP
  4. PHP
  5. CFML

Additionally, MUWEB is running the latest version of WordPress, enabling departments or groups to manage their blogs in a familiar environment.

Do I have to use if my site is there?

Maybe not.   It’s possible to create a URL on that does a permanent redirect to a site housed on MUWEB.   In very special circumstances, where use of an alternative technology is the only way to accomplish a goal, this has been done – but in general, we want to keep a very clear line between the two servers both internally and externally.

Should I put my site on MUWEB?

As a general rule, MUWEB is a good choice if:

  • You are an experienced developer who wants to use a language that isn’t supported on the primary web server AND
  • The site you are creating isn’t an essential public facing site that needs the stability the primary web server provides AND
  • You are willing to accept that because the technologies available on MUWEB are not officially supported by University Computing Services, our help desk staff and web team cannot provide support for your during your development process

If you have read through these three bullet points, and none of it gives you pause, then MUWEB will be a good place to work on your site.     MUWEB site provisioning is NOT handled via the traditional Information Provider Agreement, but can instead be requested by generating a help desk ticket with the description of your request at

Obtaining Web Space for a Department or Group

Obtaining web space for your department or group is a very simple process.    The only requirements are as follows:

  • The site must be affilliated with a Marshall University college, department, organization, club, or student group
  • An MU faculty or staff “overseer” must agree to sponsor the site
  • An Information Provider’s Agreement must be filed with the MU Web Team

Once the Information Provider’s Agreement has been received,  the request will be reviewed and processed.    Assuming no issues with the above criteria, the process takes anywhere from 24-48 hours from the time the IPA is received.

Once your site has been provisioned, you’ll receive an email letting you know the URL of your new site.   You should immediately review the following knowledge base articles to get started with your content development:
Accessing Your Marshall University Web Space

Important Note:  Space on the Marshall University public web server is not the same thing as personal web space, and is not appropriate for students, faculty, or staff wishing to publish personal web pages.