Accessing your V Drive from a Macintosh Computer

If you need to access your personal V Drive space from a Macintosh computer, please follow these instructions. 1.  Make sure that “Finder” is your active program.   The active program is the program whose name is listed to the … Continued

Tutorial: Using the MAILTO Script

MAILTO Script Introduction Forms are used on web pages to gather information from the pages’ visitors. They are especially useful for surveys and comment forms. Each form must have a small program, or script to process the information and do … Continued

Tutorial: Troubleshooting Broken Links/Images

Introduction At one time or another everyone has run into problems with broken images or links. Normally these are easy to fix but to the inexperienced user they can turn into a nightmare. In this tutorial we’ll discuss some techniques … Continued

Tutorial: Creating an Email Contact Form

Web Page E-mail Form Introduction Many web page developers like to give their visitors a way to contact them. The easiest way to do this is with a mailto link. Unfortunately, placing an e-mail address on a web page can … Continued

Tutorial: ASP Based Hit Counter

Web Page Counter Introduction Web Page Counters are used to determine the number of visitors a certain page receives. Each time a visitor looks at a page with a counter, the counter is incremented and the number is displayed to … Continued