Inserting a Slideshow using WooSlider

The following information is from the WooThemes WooSlider Knowledge Base. WooSlider comes bundled with several methods for adding slideshows to your website: a shortcode, various slideshow widgets and a template tag. This tutorial is a step-by-step guide to inserting your first slideshow … Continued

Slideshow Shortcode Reference

The following information is from the WooThemes WooSlider Knowledge Base. General Settings slider_type – The slideshow type desired (bundled options include “attachments”, “posts” and “slides”) animation – The type of animation transition to apply (“slide” or “fade”) direction – The direction in which … Continued

Understanding WordPress and Password Resets

When attempting to login to a WordPress based site on the Marshall University network, you may see a “Lost Password” link appear if you enter your password incorrectly.    This functionality is part of the default WordPress installation – but … Continued