Difficulty Accessing a Sharepoint Site


In some cases, users who should have access to a Sharepoint site on the Marshall University Sharepoint 2007 Server will report being unable to login.   In that situation, please follow the following steps to resolve the login issue.


  1. Verify that you are able to access the site and are being asked for a username and password.   You should be prompted to enter your user credentials.   If, instead, your browser reports a “Page Cannot Be Displayed”, “Site Not Found”, or similar error, you will need to connect to the Marshall University VPN before attempting to access the site.   You can login to the VPN by visiting the MUVPN Site in your browser and logging in with your MUNET username and password.  NOTE:  If you are on the campus network, you do NOT need to access the VPN.   The VPN is for, and will only work for, off campus users attempting to access a campus network resource.   Attempting to reach the MUVPN site from on-campus will result in an error page telling you that you cannot reach the site.
  2. If you are prompted for credentials, but are being told that your access has been denied, take the following steps:
    1. Examine the login prompt and make sure that you are trying to log in as a Marshall domain user.   You can determine this by looking at the domain indicator beneath the username and password text boxes in the login box (as seen below).
    2. If the “Domain” box in your prompt indicates anything other than “Marshall”, enter your username as “MARSHALLusername” to force authentication back to the domain.
    3. If you are still not able to login, try to authenticate to the site from a different web browser.     If this works, you may need to clear your primary browser cache and restart before attempting to log in again to the site.
  3. If none of these steps resolves the issue, verify with the Sharepoint Site Administrator that your user account has been granted appropriate access to the site or resource you are trying to authenticate to.    Common problems include users attempting to log in with School Of Medicine domain accounts where only their primary Marshall domain account has been granted access – and vice versa.
  4. If you are still unable to log in after working through each of these steps, please open a support request with the IT Service Desk.   To assist in resolving your issue as quickly as possible, please include the full URL of the Sharepoint site you are trying to access, along with your MUNET username.