Obtaining Photographs of Campus

Marshall University is providing content developers with photographic resources for use in the web content being developed for the University.    Photographs that are available for your use are located at http://muphotos.marshall.edu.

MU Photos is a site run by “SmugMug”, and online photo storage site similar to Flickr or Photobucket.   Uploading photos to MU Photo makes it possible to provide simple galleries to users, where photos can be downloaded and saved locally.

Some content stored on MU Photos is intended for internal use only.   If you see galleries that have a “lock” thumbnail image on them, this means that they require a login in order to access contents, and generally are not available for public use.   A good rule of thumb is that anything you’re able to see/download you are ok to use.

If you have questions about how to use the MU Photos site, please open a ticket with the Marshall University Help Desk requesting assistance.