Understanding WordPress and Password Resets

When attempting to login to a WordPress based site on the Marshall University network, you may see a “Lost Password” link appear if you enter your password incorrectly.    This functionality is part of the default WordPress installation – but it’s important to understand that using this link will have no effect on your ability to log in to a Marshall University WordPress site.

All sites on our network use domain authentication through our Active Directory system.   What this means to you, is that when you are logging in to a WordPress site, you need to supply your MUNET account name (the first part of your Marshall email address) and the same password that you use to login to other systems around campus.

The “Lost Password?” link present on some WordPress sites attempts to reset the password associated with your account in the WordPress internal account database.    This password is never used, nor is it ever checked to determine whether you have access to a site, so reseting it will have no effect on your ability to login.

If you believe you should have access to a WordPress site that you can’t login to,  and you are certain that you’re entering the correct password associated with your MUNET account, it most likely means that your user account is not a member of the proper security group for that site.    This problem can be easily resolved by contacting the IT Service Desk and asking that you be granted access to a particular site.