Using the "Go" URL System to Create Custom URLs


In may situations, you might want to create a simple, easy-to-remember URL to use when directing users to a specific page within your website.   The “GO URL” system allows you to create custom URLs on demand for campus web resources.


When visiting the Go URL homepage you will be presented with a simple, two box form asking you for information about the URL you want to customize.

The first box, labeled simply “URL”, is where you enter the URL that you want to customize.    The second box, labeled “Optional custom keyword” is where you can enter a word to be used as part of the URL you are creating.   If you leave the custom keyword field blank, a randomly generated URL will be created for you.


Imagine that I have a page within my website that I want to easily be able to direct users to, but which has a cumbersome URL.   In this example, imagine that the URL is

Visiting the Go URL site I can enter this long URL in the box labeled “URL”.    For the “Optional custom keyword”, in this case I’ll chose the word “raptor”.

Once I’ve submitted the form, I’ll be notified that a new URL has been created for me.    That URL, based on my requested custom keyword will be

Visitors to this page will be directed to the original, longer URL that I placed in the URL box.


The “Go URL” system works because the application expects all custom URLs will be prepended with the /go/ directory alias.    In most cases, creating a “go” URL is a fine self-service solution.   If, however, you require that the /go/ directory alias NOT be a part of your custom URL path, you will require a special server side URL alias.   To request this type of custom URL, please open a ticket with the IT Service Desk.