Why does my site address include www.marshall.edu rather than www.marshall.edu

As part of the transition to a new web server, it is necessary to run both servers in parallel for a period of time, and to make both of these servers addressable and reachable from a web browser.

In early 2013, the server you see identified as www.marshall.edu in your browser address bar will assume the name www.marshall.edu.  This change will not require that you do anything differently in order to reach your site.

If you have a site on the server addressed as www.marshall.edu during the transition, it should be possible to reach your site by typing www.marshall.edu/sitename as well. Please refrain from using the www.marshall.edu address in marketing collateral, as it is unnecessary and only intended to be a temporary name to facilitate server and site transition.

If you have any questions, please contact the web team at webfeedback@marshall.edu.