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     The American Criminal Justice Association Lambda Alpha Epsilon (LAE), founded in 1937, is a national organization that is divided into six regions.  The organization has a long and distinguished history.  Its membership is made up of students and professionals in Criminal Justice.


Region IV

      Region IV of LAE covers an area of thirteen states and the District of Columbia. The states include Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. 



   Membership in the organization is open to Criminal Justice professionals and Criminal Justice majors and minors. The purpose of the organization is to further professionalism in all areas of criminal justice. The members of the organization believe in the old adage that "Knowledge Is Power." The emphases of the journal, programs, conferences, presentations, workshops, and competitions is to improve and test the skills and knowledge of Criminal Justice professionals and students.

      All members of LAE are treated as equals, whether the member is a student or professional.  All members in good standing can hold offices in the organization.  During competitions at the regional and national levels competitors are divided into a Lower Division (70 semester hours/105 quarter hours or less), Upper Division (71 semester hours/106 quarter hours or more) and Professional Division (having been a compensated professional within the Criminal Justice field).  Members compete with other members in their level. 

      Leadership in the organization is provided by the women and men who are members at large, or officers in  local college chapters, local professional chapters, regions and/or the national Executive Board.  Our organization stresses professionalism in the Criminal Justice field and has done so since its beginning in San Jose, California in 1937.

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