The Japanese program at Marshall University is the only degree-granting Japanese program in West Virginia. It offers basic Japanese language courses (JPN 101, 102, 203, 204), as well as courses teaching intermediate and advanced language skills, ancient and modern culture, literature, social issues, films, Japanese business, and other topics (300 and 400 levels). We offer assistance to students through native volunteers in each classroom, conversation partners, free tutoring services, and study abroad opportunities.


Major: A major in Japanese requires thirty semester hours of Japanese coursework. 21 hours must be above the 204 level, including a minimum of 9 hours of 400-level courses.

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Two 3-hour courses in Japanese culture or literature in translation may count toward the required hours.

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Minor: A minor in Japanese may be earned by completing 12 hours of 200-level or above Japanese courses (100-level courses do not count).  One 3-hour course in Japanese culture or literature in translation may count toward the required hours.


Japanese Activities on MU campus

The Japan Club is an active student organization that organizes Japan-related events both on and off campus. Students lead Japanese cultural activities, such as Kendo, Aikido, and the Marshall Anime & Manga Association. Marshall University is also a popular study abroad destination, with several Japanese students from Japanese universities such as Kansai Gaidai and Tamagawa University coming to Marshall each year.

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