I am professor of humanities and anthropology and Director of the Graduate Humanities Program at Marshall University, where I coordinate interdisciplinary graduate study in cultural, historical, literary, and Appalachian studies. I also coordinate a range of faculty-student collaborative research and creative projects and programs, including the Glenwood Center for Scholarship in the Humanities, for which I am the Co-Director. I am jointly appointed in the College of Liberal Arts and the doctoral program of the College of Education and Professional Development, and direct graduate projects, theses, and dissertations, as well as teach a broad range of graduate seminars in the humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary research methods (including ethnography, qualitative, evaluation, and mixed methods research). My research interests include ethnographic theory and practice; reciprocal and collaborative research; social memory and oral history; race and ethnicity; folklore, ethnomusicology, and community aesthetics; belief and worldview; collaborative and community-based pedagogies.