Davis Creek Elementary's 5th Grade
LEGO DACTA 'Toon Machine '98

'Toon Machine Being Assembled
LEGODACTA 'Toon Machine Group Assignments:

  • Roller Conveyor:
    • Writing Supervisor - Brenda
    • Drafting Supervisor - Trevor 
    • Building Supervisor - Eric
  • Belt Conveyor:
    • Writing Supervisor - Staci
    • Drafting Supervisor - Steven
    • Building Supervisor - Brandi 
  • Robotic Arm:
    • Writing Supervisor - Ally
    • Drafting Supervisor - Emily
    • Building Supervisor - Ryan
  • Pneumatic Arm:
    • Writing Supervisor - Brittany 
    • Drafting Supervisor - Kassie
    • Building Supervisor - Richie
  • Elevator:
    • Writing Supervisor - Jamie
    • Drafting Supervisor - John
    • Building Supervisor - Kevin
  • Dancing Table:
    • Writing Supervisor - Adam
    • Drafting Supervisor - Sarah
    • Building Supervisor - Greg

    Simon's Fifth Grade 'Toon Machine!
    Thumper enters the top of an elegant elevator and descends to the first floor. Then, he is pushed by a lilting lever onto a bustling belt conveyor where he moves along until a rollicking robotic arm picks him up, swings him around onto another burping belt conveyor. Next, Thumper moves onto a running roller conveyor where he moves into the grasp of a neurotic pnematic hand that picks him up and places him onto a dynamic dancing table as our Grand Finale! Go, Thumper, Go! LEGO POWER!
    Control Lab Interface
    LEGODACTA Control Lab Interface 'Toon Machine Control Buttons

    Control Lab Buttons
    LEGO Dacta Control Lab Interface 'Toon Machine Setup

    Procedure for the 'Toon Machine:

    Teacher Procedure: Final Procedure of 'Toon Machine:

    LEGO DACTA Pieces in the box at the beginning
    Six separate pieces
    Groups at work building their part of the 'Toon Machine Groups working on the Roller Conveyor
    Group working on the Dancing Table Six separate pieces before being assembled
    Six separte pieces being tested
    • These pictures show the process 
    of connecting the 'Toon Machine together.

    The six components fit snugly to work

    as one, computer programmed 'Toon

    Machine to send "Thumper" through the

    machines to the tune of "The Bunny Hop"! 

    Conveyor Belt Close Up Showing Gear Pneumatic Close Up
    Gear Close Up Pneumatic Close Up
    Elevator Close Up 'Toon Machine being assembled
    LEGO DACTA Control Lab Program Procedure:

    Mrs. Sharon Simon's 5th Grade Class
    Working and Learning With

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