Davis Creek Elementary 5th Grade
Demonstrates LEGO Dacta at the
Engineers Club of Huntington

Linda Hamilton receives an award from Dr. Thomas Wilson
Mrs. Linda Hamilton, a Mathematics Instructor at Marshall University, was the featured speaker at the April dinner meeting of the Engineers Club of Huntington. Mrs. Hamilton volunteers at Davis Creek Elementary where she works with LEGO Dacta materials to teach math and science concepts. LEGO Dacta kits are motorized and require the use of gears, pulleys, levers, bricks, plates, connectors, pneumatics, and LEGO Cad (Computer Assisted Design). The fifth grade students from Davis Creek Elementary accompanied Mrs. Hamilton to demonstrate the LEGO models during the hour prior to dinner. Kevin, Steven, Ryan, and Emily used three of their spring break days to help build and prepare the demonstration. Emily stayed for dinner and also demonstrated LEGO Control Lab with Intelligent House. Emily also helped Mrs. Hamilton by showing LEGO Cad and LEGO Motion during the demonstration. Mrs. Hamilton showed a slide show of several LEGO projects that had been completed by Davis Creek students. Mrs. Hamilton received an award from Engineer Club member Dr. Thomas Wilson for her contribution to our community and her presentation to the Engineer's Club.

Scottie & Jean Marie prepare models for the demonstration Ryan & Kevin help prepare models for the demonstration
Scottie and Jean Marie help prepare a pneumatic 
model to be used at the April 17th speech for
the Engineer's Club of Huntington.
Ryan and Kevin build an elevator and program 
it on the Gateway computer using LEGO Cad
Both boys were able to help demonstrate at
the Engineer Club dinner.

Lego display board
Lego Project display board with pictures, 
notebooks, models, and brochures.
Linda Hamilton & Dr. Thomas Wilson setting up computer equipment
Linda Hamilton and Dr. Thomas Wilson setting up the
computer equipment.
Kevin & Ryan showing the Lego models
Ryan and Kevin showing the pneumatic model
and the elevator to members of the Huntington
Engineer's Club.
Ryan showing models
Ryan demonstrating the LEGO magnet model along 
with the pneumatic pump.
Club member furnish refreshments for students
Engineer Club members fix refreshments
for Kevin and Emily. The students attended
the dinner meeting to demonstrate their
LEGO Dacta models.

Engineer Club members exploring the LEGO Dacta 
Linda Hamilton, Dr. Thomas Wilson, & Emily delivering speech
Dr. Thomas Wilson, Emily, and Linda Hamilton using
a computer notebook and projector to ready the
slide show and material for their speech.

Linda Hamilton explaining the LEGO Control Lab with
the assistance of Emily and the Intelligent House.

Mrs. Hamilton and the students of Davis Creek Elementary wish to thank the Engineer's Club of Huntington for their kind invitation and interest in our LEGO Dacta program.
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