Davis Creek Elementary's LEGO DACTA Projects!

Barboursville, West Virginia

Our fifth grade students have built several models using LEGO Dacta materials this 1996-97 school year. Mrs. Linda Hamilton, a parent volunteer and Marshall University math professor, provided instruction and materials for the students to work with.

Under Mrs. Hamilton's direction the Davis Creek Elementary fifth grade students research, plan, build models, and program the models to "run" using our classroom computer. Through an interface and serial connection LEGO Dacta allows the students to program their models to "run" according to the specifics of the program. Some models "talkto" motors, sensors, or gears to turn "on" and "off" at specified times.

The students use the Procedures section of the LEGO Dacta program to record their plans for models. They also include any problems or changes needed as they work to complete their project. Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for is here! Testing the models to see if they will "work" is the moment of truth! Everyone pauses to watch. Success!

We recorded our students progress during the school year with our Casio digital camera. Each picture represents prior planning, instruction, building, programming, and successful implementation of the LEGO Dacta program. Thank you, Mrs. Hamilton! We love you!

Mrs. Hamilton instructing class!
Mrs. Hamilton instructing the class!
Fractions are just pieces of things!
Hallway learning!
Hallway learning opportunity!
He did it!
He did it! No, he did it!
LEGO Project!
The LEGO project from DC!
LEGO Project
Brains and beauty!
LEGO Project
Our next project will be the Space/Time Continuum!
LEGO Project
What is it that this thing does?

Two great minds! And beauty, too!
Lego plan
The original "secret" plan for "The Crazzzy Machine!"
LEGO Project
Gears and pulleys make "The Screwdriver"!
Lego Car
Gears and pulleys can also make a "Car"!
Crazzzy Machine
"Crazzzy Machine"
Crazzzy Machine programmed at thecomputer
"Crazzzy Machine" being programmed at the computer!
Dinosaur from Lego
The dinosaur from Lego Dacta comes to visit our classroom!
Is it time for LUNCH yet?
The controls make the Dinosaur move!
Dino's Lunch!
I just KNEW lunch was around here somewhere!
LEGO Project
Let's make a "Noisemaker"!
Lego Project
J & B's project!
LEGO house
The newest industrial invention, the "Confusing Conveyor Belt"!
This car really runs on computer power!
"Stamper" just keeps moving along! 
"Puller" may just keep my family's car out of the creek!
"Fan" will help keep me cool on long, hot summer evenings!
Red Light
"Red Light" will help us when we learn to drive!
Red Light
"Red Light" being programmed on our 486 EduQuest computer!
"Carriage" rides are fun!
J & B's "House" will open 
and close door on demand!
LEGO Project
This project has no name, but works just the same!
"Car" in the Indy 500?
LEGO Project
Collaboration makes 
all the difference!
I like to build this speedy
LEGO "Car"!
We just built a brand, 
spanking new project!
Is this the "Little House on the Internet"?
LEGO Project
Is this the OK Corral?
"Crane" it around this way!
H2O is added to make this "Watermill" run right on schedule!
Right up close!
Lego Man
"LEGO Man" can balance on anything!
Rain Gauge
Can we design something to measure rain? We DID!
Rain Gauge
"Rain Gauge" keeps our house from flooding!
Rain Gauge
Where did all this water come from?
Rain Gauge
This team studied with KGS, Kids As Global Scientists, weather central!
Rain Gauge
Help! The water is overflowing our terrain!

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