Syllabus - IST 280 LEGO Robotics Programming
Fall 2002
General areas to cover: Building LEGO projects using Dacta instructions, Ben Erwin instructions, Dave Baum instructions, and Fred Martin's art of LEGO constructions.
Program in at least two languages: RoboLab, Not Quite C, RIS, Visual Basic, or others.
Read one of the  texts.
Do two hours of public service by working in k-12 outreach.
By week 4  email 4 news article on robotics to

1. Intro to RCX, building, and RoboLab: Build using instructions.
2. Build using instructions, modify, program using structures.
3. Build using instructions, modify, and program to include RCX to RCX communications.
4. Build without using instructions and record using LEGO CAD or LDRAW.
5. Build without using instructions, modify, and program including sensors and internet.
6. Design Challenge Project.
7. Build and program Challenge Project.
8. Present project and presentation of write up as a web page and/or power point.

Linda Hamilton
LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton

LEGO Robotics Suggested books:

Creative Projects with LEGO MindStorms
By Benjamin Erwin
 Addison Wesley ISBN 0-201-70895-7 Copyright 2001

Robotic Explorations A Hands-On Introduction to Engineering
By Fred G. Martin
 Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-089568-7 Copyright 2001

Dave Baum’s Definitive Guide to LEGO MindStorms
By Dave Baum
 Apress ISBN 1-893115-097 Copyright 2000

Extreme MindStorms an Advanced Guide to LEGO MindStorms
By Dave Baum, Michael Gasperi, Ralph Hempel, Luis Villa
 Apress ISBN 1-893115-84-4 Copyright 2000

The Unofficial Guide to LEGO MindStorms
By Jonathan B. Knudsen
 O’Reilly ISBN 1-56592-692-7 Copyright 1999