A Sampling of LEGO Projects
by students working on the k12 outreach projects with Linda Hamilton
Davis Creek Red Rover to Math class at Marshall
Proxima set up to see Red Rover
RED ROVER MU and Davis Creek
Start of Miss Adventure project at Davis Creek
Building water wheel at Miller
water power
Using energy generated by running water.
Crane at Meadows
Car at Meadows
Together the machine is a truck with crane.

 At Miller Elementary students are using the eLab energy LEGO projects
to learn about electricity and alternate energy sources.  Parents have volunteered to help.
Student power was used to turn a handle on a motor to use it as a generator to store electricity in the LEGO capacitor.  The students measured how far a car could go with 10, 20 and 30 turns on the generator.  I liked their careful measuring, recording and graphing.  We learned that turning speed also had to be kept constant.
A sound activated toy was used to activate a touch sensor that was programmed to start a motor back and forth to turn a LEGO model of a wooden toy merry-go-round.

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January MM
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