Tufts University SENSORS
LEGO Robotics Workshop
June 6 8, 2001

Marshall University's
24 Hour CITY
is now an official site on SENSORS
Science & Engineering NASA Site of Remote Sensing
 Linda Hamilton, 
Marshall University Math Department, and Casie McGee
Chris Rogers of Tufts University

June 6, people from NASA centers learned to build LEGO projects and program in RoboLab.
We also learned about how the SENSORS pages are going to be set up so that students all over the world can see the LEGO remote sensing sites.  Soon students will be able to run programs and have data returned much like the NASA missions on remote sensing from Mars.

LEGO Robotics

The sites have live camera feed.


The CITY is at Marshall University.
Lunar site as seen projected from Tufts site
A picture taken in the MOON room.

AppaLEGO City is now an official NASA SENSORS site.
The LEGO 24 Hour CITY at Nick J. Rahall, II Appalachian Transportation Institute is built using the RCX, the LEGO intelligent brick.  Students using RoboLab program each of the vehicles and traffic control elements.  Now those Intelligent Transportation activates are visible over the Internet and can be used for educational activities of programming and receiving remote sensing data.  Four schools have already operated the monorail, gates, traffic counters and vehicles. See http://www.marshall.edu/LEGO for examples such as http://www.marshall.edu/lego/SpringHill/10May01/SpringHill1st.html.   Math Instructor Linda Hamilton of Marshall University working with Chris Rogers of Tufts University Center for Engineering Educational Outreach has the LEGO CITY operational for remote sensing data.  Now not only will students be able to remotely active motors and lights on the LEGO models and run programs made by students actually at the 24 Hour LEGO City but also be able to program the CITY elements to operate and gather data while remote from the site.
Tufts University SENSORS LEGO Robotics Workshop was June 6 8, 2001.  Marshall University and Tufts University, JPL, NASA Glenn, NASA Goddard and NASA Ames representatives planned and programmed at the Tufts University SENSORS workshop.  Linda Hamilton, Marshall University Math Department, and Yeager scholar, Casie McGee represented Marshall University.
This year will see more interactive LEGO model sites up for students to used to learn about engineering, robotics, transportation, and remote sensing.  Real life example of remote sensing is transponders used by trucks to indicate pre-pass.  This helps interstate traffic flow.  Many people use a similar way of paying tolls.  The information on traffic flow is indicated on information sign in some areas to help people plan the best commuter routes for the day.  The hope is that such engineering ideas that students can try out first hand will encourage them to keep interested in transportation and engineering subjects though out their school years and point them to future jobs.

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