Australian Connection III
DC Mars Red Rover Travelling In the Mining Mars Box
Side View of Red Rover, RCX Christmas Tree, and mining box
On December 14, 2000 at 5:00pm the Davis Creek Elementary 5th grade class particpated in a DC Mars Red Rover drive with the 5th grade students of Armadale Primary School in Melbourne, Australia.  The students had been keypals this fall.
Looking Up Through the Plexiglass
Lower end of Mining Box
Australian Keypals Rule! Sign
Mrs. Hamilton Working With Students Programming On ROBOLAB
Students also worked on programming.
Christmas Tree, DC Red Rover, and StarShine II mirrors
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Thou Branches . . .
DC Red Rover Connected With Armadale Primary School in Melbourne, Australia
New Armadale Primary School Web Site Unveiled At Parent Assembly
DC Student Copying Armadale URL
Christmas On Mars
Rocket Pointing Toward Space
DC Mars Red Rover Surface of Mars Box
Looking Up Through Both Lower and Upper Mars Boxes
Red Rover On Mars During Christmas
Davis Creek 5th Grade Students Communicating With Australian Keypals
Upper End of Mining Mars Box
Connected With Australia
DC 5th Grade Students Programming
While driving the DC Mars Red Rover the pictures below were taken with the camera mounted on the Red Rover.
StarShine II Mirror, polished and unpolished
Rocket blasting off into space, headed toward Mars
StarShine II aluminum mirror reflecting train track from upper Mars box.  The picture on the right shows a rocket blasting off from Mars surface.
ROBOLAB Christmas Tree, blinking lights and singing Jingle Bellls
Camera from Red Rover mining box (lower) filming upper box (surface)
Christmas on Mars on the left and Christmas Train on the right.
Mystery of Mars book in lower box
Mars Mining Machine
Mystery of Mars book on the left and Mining machine on the right.

Parents arrived at the end of the drive to admire the remarkable achievement.

West Virginia students wave goodbye to their
Australian keypals since today marks the
end of their school year and summer holiday starts.
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Created 12 / 14 / 2000
Edited 4 / 6 / 2004
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