On May 7, 2000 the 5th grade students in Mr. Malcolm Dow's class at Armadale Primary School in Melbourne, Australia drove the DC Mars Red Rover robot that is in a Marscape in Mrs. Simon's 5th grade class at Davis Creek Elementary near Barboursville, West Virginia.  The Davis Creek 5th grade students had come into school on Sunday evening at 5:00PM to connect with the Australian students, who were starting their school day on Monday morning, May 8 at 8:00AM.  The students had been emailing each other for several weeks before this activity.  The Australian students were able to see the West Virginia students, the accompanying parents, Mrs. Simon, the teacher, Mrs. Hamilton, LEGO volunteer, and out into the classroom through the plexiglass bottom.  After the initial excitement the Australian students were content to drive around the Marscape and examine the LEGO mining machines as well as space vehicles.  Everyone agreed that it was an exciting adventure!
Australian students driving the Davis Creek, WV Red Rover robot from Armadale Primary School in Melbourne, Australia
Aussie students and lap top computer showing the WV scene
Aussie student driving DC Red Rover on Mr. Dow's lap top while studying the computer projection on screen
Mr. Dow, Classroom Instructor, a colleague, and students
WV students waiting to connect with Australian students
Australian map and Mars Red Rover interface
WV 5th grade student and parent type back and forth to the Australian students
WV students manning one of the four computers that run the Red Rover software
Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Dino, a Davis Creek parent
BMS student comes back to DC to connect with Armadale
DC Mars Red Rover moving
DC Mars Red Rover text box for two way communication
DC 5th grader and parent types to Armadale class in Australia
WV students share trading cards with AU students

DC Mars Red Rover in Marscape environment

Created 5 / 17 / 2000
Edited 4 / 7 / 2004
S. Simon