The plan was to use gears and pulleys.  The rotating stage uses both.  A curtain was made to open and close using pulleys and later a motor was added with gears.  An audience was made and places for people to sit were built that included a balcony.
Note:  This idea was used again.

October 15, 1998
The Robotics have come in!  The next Saturdays have been on Robotics.
Colorful robot with one motorThis colorful robot really turns fast.
Click picture for more robotics at Davis Creek Elementary.


So far, five math professors, seven Marshall University Students, and more than sixteen young students have built LEGO projects this fall.

The camera is used to "see" where the rover is driving.  This is the black and white camera used for some of the pictures.

The radio controlled car has a fiber optics robot attached that lights up as the car moves.
The kitty follows the light.
Hop, hop, hop

Candy dispensing machine

Amusement park

Green house with conveyor for automatic fertilizing

The elevator is programmed to run a marble back up to the top of the track. 
Two kids are playing with duplos and Lego projects.
LEGO projects  at the  MUFLA picnic.

Robots made at Marshall University often travel to
Davis Creek Elementary for their pictures.
Thank you Mrs. Simon
Robots at  Davis Creek

Linda Hamilton
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