Mystery Object W
Build this mystery object
by looking at the left, right, front, and back views only.




Note that there are enough for two students per MISS ADVENTURE SET
(Motorized Simple Machine sets).

Parts List:

Project 2: Building with verbal feed back.
 Work in pairs with each student  having the exact same pieces as the other.
Arrange yourselves so that you can hear each other but not see the others pieces or building area.
(Suggestions are to sit back to back or have a book or folder between each pair.
First person picks a piece, explains which it is and where it is being placed.
Second person does the same (with out peeking).
Second person chooses a piece, builds it on the project, and describes the position.
First person builds the same thing. (No looking.)
In doing this project be sure to ask questions to be sure you have the pieces in the exact same place and direction.
Keep alternating until all the pieces are used.
Then look at each other's object and see how many pieces are in the same place.

Project 3: Building with verbal feed back.
 Do the same as above but this time only the person whose turn it is to pick, place, and describe gets to talk.
No questions.  No feed back.
After all the pieces are placed look at each other's objects and see how many pieces are in the same places.

Write up which ways works the best for you -
1) just seeing flat instructions, 2) hearing and asking questions, 3) or just hearing.
Draw the Mystery object from the top.

Project 4:  Place a wheel vertically on the 2 by 4 block and knock it by turning the round brick.
Measure the distance it traveled away from the starting spot before stopping.
Repeat for a total of  7 times.  Find the average distance.
Plot all the averages for each person in the class.
Which distance was the most frequent?  What was the average for the class?

Project 5:  Estimate how many studs (the bumps on top of the LEGO bricks, beams, and plates).
How many were there actually?

To build horizontally to vertically it takes two plates between to beams to match up the holes.
How many plates high is a beam?

See examples at

LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton