LEGO Michigan Teacher Workshop

Teachers of the third and fifth grade from Birmingham, Michigan school district will be working with LEGO Dacta Bridges and Structures and Motorized Simple Machine Sets to accomplish their math/science goals and objectives.  These teachers are learning "hands on" the concepts and procedures needed to instruct their students.  They also used this opportunity to organize their materials.  The third grade teachers will be using LEGO Dacta Bridges and Structures, while the fifth grade teachers will use LEGO Dacta  Motorized Simple Machines.

Linda Hamilton, Curriculum Development Specialist
Linda Hamilton leads the LEGO Michigan Teacher's Workshop
Technology supervisor
Success promotes smiles
This is easier than we thought!
The teachers were pleased with their LEGO Projects

Very Long Wiggly Caterpillars
Caterpillar Folded Up
Introductory LEGO Projects 
to become familiar with the elements

A plastic bag is useful for extra pieces
Computer Lab
The Teacher Workshop was held in the district computer lab
Communication between people without visual clues
Happily surprised that it worked!
Communication Projects are important concepts in LEGO Dacta
Group dynamics are also part of LEGO Projects
Organizing LEGO pieces builds success

LEGO Center of Gravity Project
Variety of LEGO Projects
A variety of LEGO Projects completed
Two Drawbridges work together

LEGO Towers

Birmingham, MI school district LEGO Workshop Picture Gallery
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Linda Hamilton
1/ 28/ 2000