Marshall University
ISAT LEGO Projects
Fall 1999

Liz Murray ISAT Professor
Elevator for game for K-12 Outreach project
ISAT student made elevator he designed
Elevator turned out just as imagined
ISAT students at Marshall University are working on programming,
engineering, and  k-12 outreach project fall semester 1999.
A game will be brought to school classes
and then students will build and program a robot themselves.
Elevator turned out just as imagined. (elevator.mpg)
The HIPPIE MOBILE was programmed to to keep from falling off  the table.
Good day's work
Motor can be used as a generator
These two projects are examples of  LEGO projects
of the Marshall  and k-12 students.
The elevator is being run with electricity generated
by using a motor as a dynamo.

Linda Hamilton
LEGO Links of Linda Hamilton
2 Dec 1999